Criminal History Check

Background checks are a sure way for employers to ensure that they get only the best candidates into their work force. A criminal history check ensures that your company stays safe by ensuring that applicants are who they say they are.

Why Background Checks Are Important

FBI flagIt is important for any business to do a proper background check on potential employees during the recruitment process. Background checks enable the business to achieve the following:

  • Get employees who are best suited for the job. A good background check goes beyond the criminal history of the individual in question. You can verify the educational and career background of your candidates to ascertain that they can do what they claim they can.
  • Protect your business from possible crimes. By doing a background check, it is possible for an employer to establish the candidate’s character by accessing their criminal records. People with criminal tendencies tend to lapse into the same behaviors that put them on the wrong side of the law. Employers can greatly reduce thefts, sexual harassment, and customer abuse by ensuring they employ have a clean past.
  • Avoid negative publicity. Employees are ambassadors for your business. Whenever your employee displays unprofessional behavior at the work, it is the business that is put in the lime light and gets the bad publicity. Such occurrences can be avoided by doing background checks on job seekers.
  • Protect your business, employees and customer from individuals who don’t have the quality of character necessary for employment. Background screening also ensures that you employ individuals who are stable enough to undertake productive activities in employment.

How You Can Do Background Checks

Traditionally, employers approach companies that offer background check services. These companies source information from government data bases. Technology has placed so much power in our hands. You can now access all the information you need concerning any individual.

Been Verified (one of the famous background check services available) for instance will give you all the information you need to know concerning employment candidates within a matter of seconds. All you have to do is enter details of the person you want to check on and voila!

SpyFly (check it out here) is another service where you can do background checks for free and obtain all the information you need. Since there are different industries and different criterial for qualification for employment, there is no definite package or what a background check shows. It is upon the business to set the parameters for what the background screening procedure should entail. More executive positions may therefore require more stringent screening.


Running background screening is crucial for the welfare of many businesses. This is especially so if the business in question is involved in services that need the handling of people’s private data. Some of these services include finance, insurance and healthcare among others. For the most part, there are no legal constraints when it comes to the access of an individual’s history.It is however important and necessary to get consent from the person whose background you are screening. The person should also give you their name, date of birth and social security number. A social security number is not useful in obtaining an individual’s criminal history but may be essential in other facets of the background check.

How Far Back You Can Go

wantedThere is a limit as to how far you can go when it comes to criminal history checks. The FRCA puts limits on bankruptcy check up to 10 years. Legal authority must be sought in the event you have to get information farther back. As for tax liens, civil law suits, judgements and other information, the law sets the limits at 7 years.The law allows you to decline applications for employment based on information you have gathered from the criminal history check on the applicant’s name. It is however important to follow due procedure in the event you have to decline an application.

There is a standard set of procedures to be followed which is called FRCA Compliance. It is also vital for you to send a detailed Individualized Assessment letter in accordance with the recently revised EEOC guidance. Doing a background check does NOT mean that anyone found with a criminal record should not be hired. It is important to use the information obtained from this exercise together with other information to come to the best possible judgement.